Saturday's Critters #195

Welcome to Saturday's Critters!

If you love critters like I do and also like to blog about them and take critter photos this is where you can share your critter post. Link up your post and share your critters, join in with my critter party ! You can share any kind of critters the real ones, pretend ones, statues and paintings, a new or old post!

I am sharing some more of my backyard birds, butterflies and critters. Most of the photos were take during the month of August.

A young Gray Catbird, I was taking photos of my Trumpet vine flowers when this bird suddenly appeared. Perfect timing for my photo.

A pair of Chipping Sparrows, they have been my most common bird along with the Cardinal this summer.

A Painted Lady butterfly

A Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher lives in the woods next to our house. Sometimes it comes over to our bushes and trees looking for bugs to eat.

A bunny on the deck steps. The morning glory plant is going great this year, it is covering our fence and starting to take over.

A pair of House Wrens. It was raining in this photo, if you look closely you can see the raindrops.

A Ruby-throated Hummingbird sitting on a buddleia leaf.

Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly on buddleia.

My hummers loved this Lantana plant and flowers.

Great Spangled Butterflies.

Another Spicebush or Pipevine Swallowtail.

Cedar Waxwing, a couple of them landed in our dead weeping cherry tree. We left the dead tree standing just for the birds, they seem to like perching in this tree.

A large bullfrog by our little pond.

Various butterflies seen in my yard this in August.

I appreciate and thank everyone who links up their post and for all the wonderful comments! I hope you enjoy my post and photos too!

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Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


rupam sarma said…
Hii, Loved all beautiful photos.
Have a nice weekend.
Hi Eileen, wonderful treat to see all your wildlife photos today. I love seeing every detail in each picture.

Beautiful photos! I love all the butterflies you are showing.
Happy Weekend!
rainfield61 said…
Lovely critters.
A two feet Kong cobra smuggled into my house last Tuesday.
That's not lovely.
NatureFootstep said…
lovely set of wildlife. Cool to see waxwings, where I live they only show up in late fall and winter when food is scarse further north. Love to see the decorated bullfrog :)

Have a great week,
Dee said…
I had to laugh at the bullfrog photo. It looks like he POSED for you!
Nancy Chan said…
Hi Eileen, once again a lovely collection of birds and butterflies from your backyard. You even have a big eyed bunny visiting you and a handsome prince charming in the form of a big green frog! That is a beautiful butterfly collage. Have a blessed weekend!
Tom said… many wonderful sights today!
Gordon said…
morning Eileen, one of the things I like to do with your photos of birds and same with other US blogs, is to try and name the birds before I see the caption, the only one I fumbled on this morning was the humming bird.
Thanks Eileen, have a great weekend, Gordon.
Irma said…
Hello Eileen,
Beautiful series of photos of all different animals.
I think the collage is beautiful.
Best regards, Irma
Christine said…
THanks for hosting again Eileen and sharing all those pretty butterflies and birds!
Weirdly, I think the frog is my favourite critter this week!
✿ chica said…
Maravilhosas todas!Adorei! Lindo fim de semana! bjs, chica
Yamini MacLean said…
Hari OM
My word Eileen, that as in amazing array!!! Hope your weekend is equally amazing. YAM xx
diane b said…
A plethora of critters the birds and butterflies are beautiful but I like the frog best.
Jo said…
Hello Eileen, thanks for hosting this meme. I love your butterflies as always, but the pair of chipping sparrows' photo is my favorite today. Have a great day. Jo
Karen said…
So many beauties in your own backyard. My favorite photo is the cedar waxwing.
Great minds think alike, as I shared butterflies this week too.
Jenn Jilks said…
I love the bunny the best, although it won't be long before our lovely birds and butterflies fly south!
Jeevan said…
You are surrounded by wonderful nature and I simply love all the critters you captured here! Excellent collage on butterflies
Great bird photos, beautiful butterflies, and a cute bunny. But it is the Bullfrog that is my favorite today!
Have a wonderful week-end!
Maggee said…
Great post, chock full of cute critters, beautiful plants. I find it amusing how we call critters that visit us, 'my' whatever it is! Hugs!
Debbie said…
WoW!!! eileen, you are really spoiling us today. what a great variety of nature you see in your yard - planting the right plants sure can help with that. i picked a favorite, the cedar waxing, it's a great image and i don't see them in my yard!! but i must say you got some really awesome butterfly captures too!!!

many thanks for hosting and enjoy this beautiful (for us) weekend!!!
Nick V. said…
All of them wonderful shots, Eileen!
Have a great week.
Your photos are always wonderful! 'Love the shot of that bullfrog! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Thank you for hosting this great party! I co-host a couple of link parties myself each week. All family friendly posts are welcomed, including Etsy shops and other Link Parties. If you have time, I'd love for you to join the fun at my place. No pressure, of course! ;-)
Sandra said…
LOVE that frog and all your critters are so beautiful.
photodoug said…
Eileen, beautiful butterflies. Thanks for sharing.
Phil Slade said…
Good morning Eileen. You do seem to show us a wonderful variety of birds, bugs and four legged friends. I'm rather taken with that handsome bullfrog but all of your pictures are lovely. Thanks for the link-up today. Have a great Sunday and i hope ypou are well clear of that awful weather in the US.
Nick V. said…
PS: And thank you for hosting, Eileen!
GreenComotion said…
Hi Eileen-
I like all the pictures in this post.
If I was pressed to choose one, I would choose the Rabbit :)
Thanks for hosting.
Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)
Love those little birds - and butterflies - I still haven't gotten a butterfly to sit still long enough to get a snap. Happy weekend.
carol l mckenna said…
What a nature sanctuary you have in your own back yard ~ favorite is the bunny and then the frog ~ all are wonderful, though ~ ^_^

(A ShutterBug Explores)
So many wonderful critters Eileen! I'm in love with your little Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher and as for your Bullfrog, I adore it!!!
Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic weekend :)
Cloudia said…
Eileen: you give us so much pleasure and friendship. I am grateful you are in my life
krishna said…
you are so lucky!! you got to see a sitting humming bird!!! I've never seen one..:)
Linda W. said…
Love the colorful butterflies and the cute bunny, but that bullfrog really made me smile!
Glorious photos! Such beautiful birds and butterflies...and the bullfrog and rabbit too. I always enjoy your posts so much!
Nora said…
love that Painted Lady and all the other amazing shots Eileen, these are the best close ups I have seen on any blog for a long time. Great job. I put in butterflies also! We were thinking alike. cheers, Nora
Carol Blackburn said…
So many beautiful photos, Eileen! I will have to check out that Lantana flowering plant for my garden so I can attract more Hummingbirds. I don't like the feeders they sell because they just end up dripping on the ground or the Hummers can't reach the liquid in them after a day or so because it's too far down. Such a dilemma, huh!
Lois said…
Cute critters Eileen! I especially like the bunny and the bullfrog.
It was like that leaf was custom made for the hummer!

Loved, and very much enjoyed all your critters today Eileen.

~Hootin' Anni [aka Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin']
William Kendall said…
The bunny is my favourite of these, Eileen.
Breathtaking said…
Hello Eileen!:) A delightful post, with so many beautiful images. At first I thought the Bullfrog was an ornament,...what a splendid looking frog. Thank you for hosting Eileen.:)
Karen said…
Terrific shots Eileen! Love the hummer.
Bob Bushell said…
Your butterflies are brilliant, the Painted Lady is fave, thanks Eileen.
RedPat said…
Your butterfly pics are so beautiful, Eileen!
David Gascoigne said…
The coloration on that bullfrog is just amazing.
You've had quite a variety of birds and butterflies, Eileen. And, most of them posed for you-what a treat! One of your most beautiful is the catbird! What timing, and great colors! Have a wonderful weekend!
A Quiet Corner said…
A terrific collection of birds and butterflies, Eileen. The Wrens in the rain is AWESOME!!!!...:)JP
Martin Kloess said…
These are amazing. Even the common birds are beautiful though your lens.
Karen S. said…
Good evening Eileen, I'll bring my critter post tomorrow, worked all day just home... out of creative juices! Hehehe! I've had wrens all summer long on my deck living in my new little wren house for my birthday, until the stupid excess of rainy days ruined it! I miss them. Love your colorful flowers with the bird! Beautiful captures throughout.
happyone said…
Enjoyed all your critter photos.
Nice that the bunny came a calling. : )
So many lovely critters.

I laughed out loud (really) with the frog
Linda said…
Eileen, your posts and photos are always a welcome calm from a stressful world. Just beautiful, thank you so much for sharing, I SO enjoy your posts.
Pam Jackson said…
Great shots. Love hummers. And that shot of the frog is great.
We had Cedar Waxwings visit one year. Since then I haven't seen any. We are down to only a few hummingbirds now. I took down one feeder and only have to fill the little one once a week. Soon they will all be gone. I'll miss watching them. - Margy
Linda said…
So many great photos!
Sussi said…
wonderful photos!
The Yum List said…
That first shot is perfectly arranged with the flowers and bird in the foreground and green background. Wishing you a fun finish to your weekend.
Ela said…
Wow !! Such a beautiful post, Eileen !! I love all your critters !!!!
Gorgeous photos !!!
Happy Sunday !
Denise inVA said…
You have a great selection of critters Eileen. Hard to pick a favorite. Thanks so much! Have a wonderful weekend :)
Missy George said…
You have a very busy yard..Lucky you..Thanks for sharing..Have a nice week..
♥ Anni ♥ said…
Well, you already know my favorite photo...the hummer. So, I'll just drop this line for you...Thanks so much for sharing this post with us all at I'd Rather B Birdin' this week. Wonderful!!! And have a super week ahead. Enjoy your afternoon.
Betty Crow said…
A fine array of critters. Love the Cedar Waxwing and the butterflies!
Beautiful butterflies, birds especially the youngsters and the waxwing and the wise old frog! I'm late for the party this week. Have fled the hurricane and am situated in Albuquerque, New Mexico, glued to the TV and wondering about the fate of our home and neighborhood.
italiafinlandia said…
Dear Eileen, your butterflies are wonderful!
Not to mention the bullfrog!
Lynne said…
Wow . . .
So many critters. . . .
Liked the Painted Lady Butterfly
and the little sparrows.
You always "serve" us the best!
Rose said…
I love your butterfly shots...they are just so beautiful....and wow, that is one big bullfrog!
orchid Miyako said…
Dearest Eileen; What a awesome varieties of critters form your yard♡♡♡ My favorite is "A Ruby-throated Hummingbird"; it won't be possible to dream seeing with my own eyes p:-) How cute to see A bunny on the deck steps of your house and butterflies are so BEAUTIFUL♪ It sure is a wonderful collection from your yard. It was a hard season for watching critters here(*^.^*)
Thank you very much for hosting lovely link♫♫♫
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*
Michelle said…
Lovely photos and I especially like seeing the hummingbird!
Jeanie said…
I'm sure glad you didn't ask us to pick a favorite or you'd never be off my screen! Butterflies? Maybe, especially with all the pretty flowers. But the birds are wonderful. And I'm such a sucker for bunnies. No matter what, loads of smiles.
Wandering Wren said…
I'm always happy as a pig in mud to see your wrens!
Happy Days!
Wren x
HI Eileen,
marvelous photos of the birds, butterflies, the bunny and the frog.
Amazing ! I especially love the hummingbirds.
Best, Synnöve
Some absolutely fantastic photographs here Eileen.
Loved the hummer and the bunny and the butterflies, well loved all of your photographs.
I thought your first picture of those beautiful trumpet vine flowers and the bird that suddenly appeared was just perfect.

All the best Jan

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